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Free Whoopi! Goldberg Critical Race Facts

Imagine, you get to be one of the host of one of the highest rated talk shows on your network. Also Imagine they selected you because of your unique life experiences,ability to hold an intelligent conversation and your reputation proceeds you in accordance with your many professional credentials and accomplishments. Overwhelmingly,we can actually imagine what happens when you exercise that false sense of privilege disguised as a right.

Fact is it’s just not true. Whoopi is correct-in the olden days, Hitler called it a race but he was creating propaganda-Propaganda is the dissemination of information—facts, arguments, rumours, half-truths, or lies—to influence public opinion.

On September 16, 1919, Hitler issues his first written comment on the so-called Jewish Question.

In the statement, he defined the Jews as a race and not a religious community, characterized the effect of a Jewish presence as a “race-tuberculosis of the peoples,” and identified the initial goal of a German government to be discriminatory legislation against Jews. The “ultimate goal must definitely be the removal of the Jews altogether.” Hitler's years in Vienna (1908–1913) and his military service were important stages for his development of a comprehensive racist ideology,

In the book The Myth of the Jewish Race-A-Biologist Point of View they explain it below to be scientific-

To be a race Jews would have to have been isolated from other populations. However, they never avoided crossbreeding and converted many non-Jews. In other words, from Day One Jews have married non-Jews, and therefore there is no way to genetically characterize them as a race. Nevertheless, many people find it difficult to accept the ideas that Judaism is not hereditary, but a religion, and that Jews who abandon the Jewish faith, whether they adopt another religion or none at all, are no longer Jews..

Now as a member of an ethnic group of people with many different religions available in the world,my RACE will never change-I will always belong to the RACE of people who traveled through the Trans Atlantic slave route middle passage from West Africa to Europe and The U.S. I will always belong to that RACE because I will always be black✊🏽

One thing is for sure, what was done to Whoppie was messed up-it validated the old adage that no matter how ”high you get” they can always pull the plug on you (sing that to the tune of Bobby Womack-no matter how high….I get)

Free Whoopi✊🏽


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