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Ginni Thomas…That Girl…

Updated: Nov 21, 2022

How the heck is Clarence Thomas eligible to hear any arguments or request on behalf of DT? If you ask me, it’s like everything else…DT has things on these people who he feels no way tired of asking for favors. Clarence's wife “Ginni” Virginia, was involved in the 2021-insurrection. She has testified in public that she fully believes the election was stolen from DT. Almost two years after this election, she still asserts that Bidens victory was “overturn able” and sought through various means to get those closest to the White House to figure out how to make that happen. Attention was drawn to her after the committee investigating the events of January 6, 2021 found and obtained emails between lawyer John Eastman and her in which they came up with the possibility that then VP Pence could block the congregational certification of Biden's electoral win. She was busy sending text messages as the insurrection was going on-the messages were about what could be done to help with counter measures of the “steal the vote” instance.

This current lawsuit seeks to have Supreme Court Judge Thomas, to have the higher court rule that the lower court reconsiders a ruling made prior that granted an appeal by the department of justice to exempt more than 100 documents (marked as classified) to be reviewed by the “special master’ that was appointed to this case-Raymond Dearie. Delay, delay, delay and who could help with that but his friend, who he speaks so highly of and who happens to be married to a woman he calls one of his biggest supporters. He compliments her courage and strength and the “big lie” she continues to believe. He calls her husband who is a supreme court judge a “great man “and taints the dignity of the court. The trust in the judicial system has gone down from 75% in 2020 to just under 47% in 2022.

The real issue is how someone or anyone is allowed to have the level of access to the white house as this person has had-its apparent to everyone else that without her husband’s position, the access she enjoys and takes advantage of would not be allowed if she were anyone else. She was at the Stop the Steal rally, to lend her support to the falsity that she still believes in. If she were not a white woman, she would not be able to email and text the presidents chief of staff and ask what she could do to help with the “big lie”. Ginni is dangerous for the supreme court-She has influence over a supreme court judge and we the American people, don't seem to have a choice but to just grin and bare it. We have to see how it reveals itself...we get to watch from the sidelines as she continues to lie about her and the judge NEVER discussing her political opinions or beliefs, her choices, her idols, her dreams(of dt being president for ever) I call BS...remember I told you...Ginni is officially...That Girl...(to watch)

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