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Mangifera Indica

I was just simply eating a ripe Mango (mangifera indica) today and I was noticing that the fullness I was feeling was different than when we eat processed foods. The natural juices from the fruit have expressed purposes. It provides our bodies with vitamins and nutrients that are needed to form strong hair roots and healthy skin as well as many antioxidants. Mango’s in case you did not know is hailed as the “king of fruit” and even the pulp is designed for something. It is used to cleanse the teeth of unwanted particles that naturally build up from the use of caffeine and other processed entities. It is evident many times in our dietary routines. Usually when we go out for dinner and you are always concerned that you don’t “fill up on salads” before dinner. The truth of the matter is, we should be filling up on the salad and leaving the heavier stuff alone altogether.

Our bodies are very complicated and the food we eat needs to serve specific purposes. Natural foods that have been around forever such as your fruits and vegetables have a history of providing strength and stamina to those who have consumed it. If you have ever seen someone who claims to have lived a long time on this earth, it is never for their "uncanny" ability to eat a steak every day. When you really think of it, what we do to our bodies should be considered criminal. If it was a vehicle that needed premium gas to run it properly, and we continued to put unleaded regular gas in it from any and every place that had a sign (touting how cheap...a refill would be) that vehicle will start to show the manifestation of those actions and poor decision making. It will start to knock, and be slow on the crank, it will begin to shudder and perhaps spit up. There will be leaks where there once were not, and a noticeable smell and appearance change will take place in this fine prime, once user friendly vehicle. I have noticed in the convenience stores, it just gets harder to make good decisions. The food that is bad for you is always up top and eye level, nice and clean and just at your finger tips. Meanwhile the salads, yogurt, fruit and bottle water is down underneath someplace, off to the side, unkempt and many times out of date. Let's decide to live long and prosper and in order to do so we must pay attention to what goes in your mouth as well as what comes out...Peace..

The average content of one Mango (250 g) is (compared with other fruits): 1, 5 g protein 1 g fat 30 g carbohydrates 3 g carotenes (only muskmelons have more). One Mango supplies more than the daily need of this precursor of Vitamin A 110 g vitamin B1 125 g vitamin B2 (only passion-fruit has more) 2 mg vitamin B3 (only passion-fruit and guava have more) 90? G folic acid (only oranges and grapes have more) 90 mg vitamin C (only orange and papaya have more) 30 mg calcium (only mandarin and orange have more) 45 mg magnesium (only papaya and banana have more) 1 mg iron (granadilla, grapes, banana, guava and apricots have more) 295g zinc (muskmelon, watermelon, papaya, guava, granadilla and bananas have more) 0, 5 g potassium (muskmelon, granadilla and banana have more) Author.

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