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Mediate to Translate

They say that prayer is when we use our mouths to speak to God...and Meditation is when He uses His mouth to speak to us. Music is a tool to assist you in both prayer and meditation. This music is great to transport you from the rigors of our everyday lives to the tranquility of relaxation. Just as some people have to put something dark over their eyes to have real peace, and to calm down and drift slowly off to sleep, often times we need something to lull our consciousness back to the beauty of the Lord.

Our shoulders need to feel free to droop and take it slow despite the myriad of things that always need to get done, always need to get seen and anyway never really does. The sounds contained in this music offer a reprise from the regular everyday and gives your soul some moments of praise to itself. Listening to the melodies and rhythm lend body parts the liberty to raise and be thankful for this day only. That is our only agenda...Be Blessed..

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