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My Prize talk about us holding hands..

that is more easily said than done.. MINZ* has always been and always will be...brighter than the evening sun.. Tying to impress this creature...and put ya best stuff out Need to be sitting right here...seeing what I'm really all about Testing the waters from a safe distance.....I wonder why?

Kinda like being in the air but being afraid to fly Yes I am a Queen and in this place I rest.. Much rather be feeling my head against your chest My King will rule both in bed and out...with strength With much respect ..I must question about his length No need to ask for lovin His touch will be sufficient to light this tight little oven Stretched out he is my favorite work of art for sure His body turns me a fish to a lure-Nothing pleases me more.. Than when we start on the Bed...and end up on the floor.. Flipped up....laced say the least Hey Daddy's home...time to unleash this beast-

Roll's time to intertwine Right the base of my spine-Two hands on my behind you know how we do...can you say..69?and naa..

I ain't gonna owe you one..

Imma slap down on that 2 tons of fun-

Yes now you can tell... Don't know how but you definitely under my spell Got my lips to your ear...and I can hear ya brain thinking... This girl got me SEX drunk...and I ain't even been drinking.. So...If your game, and the rules ain't to hard to follow Holla at cha gurl...And my prize I may let you borrow

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