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My Sister-My Brother


Even when a pin drops you can hear that word
Even when a pin drops that word can be heard

The word can be used in many, many ways
Never heard it used to uplift my days

Never heard it used to bring Respect or Pride
Back in the day it use to follow-  ” Imma tan your hide”!

It use to follow us everywhere we went
It was stronger that the currency or the money we spent

The “n” word followed Rosa on the bus that day
But when she got off-it was the “n” word that had to stay

So why now? Why here? Let me ask why this “n” word is still near
When we going to “bury that sucka” and make it real clear

The “n” word is holding us back, it’s feeding us lack,
and no matter what…cannot be used with tact

It’s ignorant, useless and worst than that it’s vain
Keeps our souls in bondage-similar to how they used to use the chain

So for the movement to begin some changes need to be made
Like all foundations-the cornerstone needs to be laid

We have to decide the “n” word has no resting place
It will take bravery to meet it face to face

It’s not as strong as we give it credit for
It’s old, and tired been around for 400 years or more

I’d like to see it with all the unbeatable foes
At the bottom of the sea-or where ever slime and smut goes

What shall we put in its place you ask—because the word is like no other?
I say simply replace it Family with the words my sister and my brother*

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