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Shake up your life: how to change your own perspective

Updated: Jul 15, 2021

History or HIS-story Books

Something that was as vicious and evil and ugly as slavery should be looked at from a brighter side. Some Tea party members have made a list of five legislative priorities and one of them is to eliminate any foul reference to the founding fathers of this country. They do not believe or want, by reason of passing of laws and making unlawful the discussion (and book readings) that would validate that ancestors in their blood line, owned ancestors in my blood line. They want books that currently have that information to be changed/reprinted after the data that says the reason land owners allowed slavery to end is because they were sore afraid of a rebellion by the slaves. How is it that it's already HIS-story and still it isn't enough. Now they want to change, remove and rewrite the events of the past to bring the best possible light to what was done all those years ago that are still having diverse effects on us today. They are concerned that "race-baiting" is a subject that need not be considered racist. Considering that Texas just last year was able to get over one hundred amendments passed that presented slavery in the best possible light is something that may be quietly sneaking in Since Texas is the biggest state it is reasonable to believe that they probably purchase a huge number of school books. With this they have taken it upon themselves to toggle around with the truth and what is put in those history books. The objection is that history is twisted against the republican way of thinking." "Since January, Republicans on the board have passed more than 100 amendments to the 120-page curriculum standards affecting history, sociology and economics courses from elementary to high school. The standards were proposed by a panel of teachers.

“We are adding balance,” said Dr. Don McLeroy, the leader of the conservative faction on the board, after the vote. “History has already been skewed. Academia is skewed too far to the left.” As we know history will not fair well with Texas, as they were the last to hear the bells of freedom ring." Strange how when it's clear who the agitator is, the books have to be changed. But when the history was tiled far to the left against folks of can't go on forever, even if we have to stack the deck and hide two aces.

More below about Texas History

June 19, the day of the Emancipation announcement, has been celebrated annually in Texas and other states as Juneteenth. The long-term effects of slavery can be seen to this day in the state. The eastern quarter of the state, where cotton production depended on thousands of slaves, is sometimes considered the westernmost extension of the Deep South. It contains a significant number of Texas' African-American population. On the other hand, western parts of Texas were still a frontier during the American Civil War. While settled chiefly by Anglo-Southerners after the war, with the history of ranching, some of these parts have been more associated with the Southwest than the South.

After white Democrats regained power in Texas and other southern states in the 1870s, they imposed a system of legalized segregation and white supremacy. In 1876 white Democrats in Texas passed a new constitution requiring segregated schools and imposing a poll tax, which decreased the number of poor voters both black and white.[50] By the late 19th century, they passed other Jim Crow rules. The system of school support was inadequate, and schools for minorities were seriously underfunded. At the turn of the century, Texas followed other southern states in passage of laws that made voter registration and elections more complicated. In practical terms, the provisions disfranchised most blacks, and many poor whites and Latinos, a condition that persisted into the 1960s. Such provisions included a grandfather clause, literacy tests and residency requirements difficult for sharecroppers and laborers to meet. In 1900 African Americans comprised 20% of the state's population of 3,084,710.[51] The drop in proportion of population reflected greatly increased European immigration to the state in the 19th century, as well as population growth. This heartfelt aspect of his article is to please pay attention to your political structure and be the wedge that is shoved between the haves and the have nots....

Knowledge is Power...and power to the people..

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