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We Call It Murder and So Should You-

As I contemplated writing this article and searched around to get some insight on this “human” that would commit such an atrocity against people he didn’t even know, I noticed, no one is calling this crime murder-Most articles go right into the shooters accolades “Suspect fired 50 rounds in Buffalo supermarket hate crime shooting that killed 10-and 10 killed in "racially motivated" mass shooting at Buffalo supermarket, FBI says-Buffalo's worst mass shooting takes 10 lives, leaves 3 wounded; attack called 'a racially motivated hate crime'-

My question is...what about the Murdered?

The definition of the word murder, says it is the “unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another” Yet, I have yet to see it being called Murder. With this one single act, black people have a new “thing” we cannot do free of hostility...”shop while black in our neighborhood market” The “human” went several times to this location, spoke to people he hated, breathed the same air and still found the strength to go back to this location and cause death. With each murder perpetrated on black people in America it just gets worst.

The death toll in this one hit hard because of the ages and importance of the deceased that will be missed. People going about their lives that will never

be able to do so again. Yet every single article on google is talking about the shooter, so I will not.

My interest is in the people lost to this idiot-

Roberta Drury, 32, moved to Buffalo around eight years ago. She dedicated much of her time to helping her brother with his leukemia treatment and assisting her family with running their restaurant, The Dalmatia Hotel

Margus Morrison, 52, was out buying snacks at the grocery store for a weekly movie night he had planned with his wife,

Andre Mackniel, 53 was picking up a surprise birthday cake for his son who just turned 3 when he was shot and killed.

Aaron Salter Jr. 55 The "hero" security guard who engaged the suspect but was fatally shot, a former Buffalo police lieutenant

Geraldine Talley, 62, was doing her regular grocery shopping with her fiancé on Saturday when she was shot and killed

Celestine Chaney, 65, was a grandmother to six and a loving and caring person

Heyward Patterson, 67, was a taxi driver who was waiting for passengers outside the supermarket Saturday when he was gunned down,

Katherine Massey, 72, known as "Kat," was an activist who "will be greatly missed by the entire community

Pearl Young, 77, was a substitute teacher and a "true pillar in the community,"

Ruth Whitfield, 86 the mother of former Buffalo Fire Commissioner Garnell Whitfield

May their souls reset in peace they didn’t receive while on earth-and lets continue to call it what it is...Murder


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