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White Crocodile Tears

Apparently white tears in America are powerful weapons. White tears have sent more black people to jail than murder-D.L.Hugley pointed out that “while tears evoke sympathy and black tears evoke indifference”(paraphrasing) As the news in covering the story “it all changed when the boy cried” when in actuality there were never any tears, nothing wet, or watery. Crazy thing is I feel like when he reached into the bag and “drew” the numbers of the jurors who were to deliberate over him-It was Fixed. Meaning the paper was fixed in such a way as he would have been able to feel them and set them apart-“Rittenhouse, with the jury watching, then selected six pieces of paper from the drum, who a court official then read aloud to be dismissed: 11, 58, 14, 45, 9 and 52.”

Everyone commented on how “unusual” this was for a defendant to be able to do this himself-Most commented saying “in all the years they have practiced law or covered courtroom cases-this had never been done” They also mention the fact that it’s usually always done by the court clerk…Notice how-The jurors won’t be among the final 12 who were deliberating the case. But they were required to remain in the courthouse, at the request of the defense, until the jury returned with a verdict. So by process of elimination, it is easily visible who was dismissed from this jury and the defendant can also see them as I am sure the defense pointed them out. Julius Kim, a former Milwaukee County assistant district attorney, said he’s never seen a judge allow a defendant to draw the numbers to determine who the final members of a jury will be.

“It’s not unusual to select alternates by lot,” Kim said. ” [But] I’ve never seen a judge allow a defendant to draw those names. That might be a little unconventional but there’s nothing wrong with it that I could really see.” Right…because who touched and saw the slips of paper before they were added to this drum? Who verified that the papers all felt the same? The random box that sat on the window seal until that day it was moved to the table.

The other “unusual” incident was around the fact that this jury was not sequestered-why? With all the media coverage and discussions going on about this case, wouldn’t you want your jurors removed from hearing any of it-? Wouldn’t you want to have these jurors tucked away from family and friends to sort these issues out? Especially since it is a murder trial with such serious charges pending against the defendant. Honestly, this boy was actually considered innocent and never proven guilty.

The last unusual incident in reference to a jurors request was to take the instructions home with her. Those jurors were making sure all the signals were read-The fix is in if asked for something no one else has granted and the request is approved-Schroeder read aloud some 36 pages of explanation on the charges Rittenhouse is facing and the laws regarding self-defense before deliberations commenced. After the jury ended its third day of deliberations on Thursday, one juror asked Schroeder if she could bring the jury instructions home with her, and he obliged, AP reported.

In addition to Grieve, Schroeder's decision troubled some people directly involved in the case. Rittenhouse attorney Mark Richards told Schroeder after the jury left that he was concerned permitting jurors to take the legal instructions with them would spur them to do online research or look things up in a dictionary, which is not allowed.

But the real villain here is the judge. ( I bet he was handpicked)..Ole boy-Bruce Schroder, the only thing missing from his attire was the hood, he already had the robe on. Schroeder entertained potential jurors with trivia during jury selection and shouted at the lead prosecutor when felt his cross-examination of Rittenhouse crossed legal boundaries. Some legal observers faulted the judge for leading a round of applause on Veterans Day despite knowing a defense witness was the only self-identified veteran in the room. The victims couldn’t be referred to as such, instead be referred to as looters or rioters-another crazy thing is, besides the murders of the 3 men by the defendant, it was a non-violent protest. He is the one that turned that event violent-He was the one that left his home at 17 with an assault weapon-that he was using illegally-that’s why this whole case is Bullshit-The boy had a Smith & Wesson M&P 15 rifle and came out looking for trouble and he found it-and those that acquitted him are idiots-But what should be a clinical legal argument about self-defense versus vigilantism almost immediately morphed into a defense of all views Trump. Rittenhouse was lionized by right-wing media and Trump cultists, with huge donations to a defense fund for him coming from people like actor Ricky Schroder and the conspiracy-crazed My Pillow guy Mike Lindell.

After the shooting Rittenhouse was allowed to go home. White tears…better than poison

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